Michele Frazier

MicheleFrazierMichele Frazier has long loved social media. That is evidenced by her Twitter account. Frazier, since moving to Los Angeles in 2001, has also been involved in multiple organizations that help people and animals. During her free time Michele can be found volunteering in her neighborhood or at a restaurant.

She wouldn’t call herself a “foodie” but she talks about food all the time.

Michele blogs at MicheleFrazier.com.

Michael John Mally

MichaelJohnMallyMichael John Mally, is above all, a lover of all things art. From his early childhood art has been instrumental in his life. He grew up painting, drawing and has completed sculptures as well as creative portrait art.

As Director of Art, Michael J. Mally oversees the creative process, manages any outsourced creative work and ensures that everything produced for New Hope PR is something we can be proud of.

M. J. Mally creates and sells his art at MichaelJohnMally.com.

Hugh Jones Testimony

We have all had someone who has slandered our good name and poisoned our reputation, but when it has to deal with someone doing this to your business, it can have an even bigger impact on you and your life. Being a business owner is no easy job and the last thing anyone wants if for their source of income to be damaged or corrupted in some way.

Hugh Jones is a brilliant and talented watchmaker whose passion and his business is creating custom made watches like those once made hundreds of years ago. Not only does Mr. Jones create watches and classic timepieces, he creates heirlooms, precious pieces of brilliantly constructed machinery to fit in our pockets to be passed down for generations.

“I received word that my watches were fake and a ripoff of something else. This honestly wasn’t true seeing as every watch I create is of fine quality material and forged by hand,” said Hugh. We’ve all been in high school or social clubs before, so we know how fast a word can go around in a community. Within 2 days, Hugh’s reputation was trashed and his business was ruined. A week later, it came to light that another man was posing as Mr. Jones and creating fake watches. While the crook was dealt with, the damage was still done online and what goes on the Internet stays forever on the Internet.

“I got in touch with New Hope PR and told my story. They didn’t need too much information, they just started working right away,” said Jones. Right after receiving Jones’ story, we didn’t hesitate to clean up his online reputation. When dealing with a wounded business reputation, every moment is precious because as the saying goes, “Time is money.” We wanted to get Mr. Jones right back to doing what he does best: making beautiful timepieces and creating income. “Thanks to the guys and New Hope PR, I’m clean and yes, I would highly recommend them.”